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Essential characteristics leading to the success and profitability of our company will be:

  • Provisoin of high-quality service in the air medical services that currently are either unserved, poorly served, or under-subscribed by existing carriers, thereby setting both a new trend and a new pace in air medical service, especially the repatriation of casualties from abroad to a receiving hospital or trauma center.
  • Employment of cost-effective, up-to-date aircraft that will be sized right for the serving the market, leading to a higher turnover, reduced costs, improved efficiency and flexibility, greater comfort and satisfaction, and more top net profits. Outfitting these aircraft with the latest innovative aviation technologies and navigational and medical equipment will help ensure the highest level of reliability, punctuality, safety, and customer satisfaction.
  • Utilization of the most efficient and innovative technologies in operations, reservations, scheduling and resource planning, tracking and tracing. These techniques will reduce staffing requirements while offering ease-of-use and greatly enhanced access by, and convenience to the customer.
Amirah Elaine
Founding Shareholder


PR / Marketing Yoram van der Peijl

Advisory Board Member

Ton van Gessel (Technology Strategic Advisor )

Hoger Tahir (Middle East Travel/Medivac Expert)